There is no possessive tense in SCAB. We are a worker collective. Consequently, it is not "my" chopper gang or "your" chopper gang or even "our" chopper gang. Rather, it is the gang that I/you/we are part of. As such, parts and resources are shared fairly communally, the only reason a bicycle becomes its creator's property is because it becomes an extension of that person's identity, not because they happen to be the one to find the raw materials used.

Materials used are almost always found or donated. Part of the point of what we do is to circumvent traditional consumerism and material culture. Therefore, generally we refrain from engaging in commerce, as this would only add to the cycle of capitalism, expanding markets and waste. Another important aspect of this approach is that we reduce he demand for consumption and production as we aren't displacing old stuff with new stuff; rather we're taking what was displaced and reusing it.

The philosophy of the organization is nothing but the amalgamation of the philosophies of its constituent members. As the only "rule" of SCAB is that you have to build a bicycle to join, these beliefs are fairly diffuse. Most people involved believe in the elimination of the automobile (that and the current corporate-government-media oligarchy) so this becomes the overall principle of the group. So while we certainly ridicule "errant" members like Jeremy, who currently has TWO cars, we will never castigate him.

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